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Archive 12: Recent work (2007)

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Works shown - Scaffolding series

Media: various.
Dimensions: various

The scaffolding series are a series of works on canvas (available also as limited edition prints) which take as their focus the notion of structural constraint. A scaffolding clip was originally modelled in wireframe and subjected to clinical rendering. This clip was used as the unit within various assemblages of scaffolding poles.
The tightness of the works allow a commentary upon flexibility or the lack of it and on the necessity for unity or not.
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The canvas versions are 'one-offs'.
Please email for price and availability or arranging a studio visit
Various limited edition, smaller scale prints measuring 32"x24" and 24"x24", printed on handmade paper are also available.
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The way we were, ink on canvas, 72insx60ins

Insignia, ink on canvas, 72insx60ins

Tartan twins #1, ink on canvas, 60insx60ins

Tartan twins #2, ink on canvas, 60insx60ins

Twins #3, ink on canvas, 60insx60ins

Twins #4, ink on canvas, 60insx60ins

Cohort, ink on canvas, 48insx48ins

Atrium, ink on canvas, 48insx48ins

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