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Archive 14: Recent work (2007)

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Works shown - Daisies series

Media: Ink on canvas
Dimensions: various
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These drawings explore the ambivalent nature of our experience of reality. Rigid wireframes or meshes can remain so but they might also become flowing and diaphanous, transcending the geometry of the real to create a shifting, ambiguous space in which recognisable objects assume an alternative persona placing the work between the material and the ethereal.

The daisies exploit the flatness of the canvas to seemingly lift and float above the surface of the plane. The daisy pieces stem from the earlier series of veil works where single meshes utilising Islamic pattern appear to float across a canvas surface. The veil is considered as a membrane - the daisies are membranes. These membranes inevitably have two viewing aspects; in front of or behind, revealed or hidden, seen or unseen and as a consequence the known or the unknown. Simple daisy shapes, petals and centres, are joined as either a single mesh or separate meshes. These meshes have the inherent property of being able to float their centres being allowed to operate in alignment with our expectations or not
as the case may be.

The canvas versions are 'one-offs'.
Please email for price and availability or arranging a studio visit
Limited editions, 22"x19" and 24"x24", printed on handmade paper are also available
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Yellow-eyed-daisies, ink on canvas, 60insx54ins

Orange-eyed-daisies, ink on canvas, 60insx54ins

Chimera, ink on canvas, 60insx54ins

Black and blue, ink on canvas, 60insx54ins

Rhinestone, ink on canvas, 62insx62ins

Mood indigo, ink on canvas, 62insx62ins

Metastasis, ink on canvas, 62insx62ins

Swelling, ink on canvas, 62insx62ins

Dawn, ink on canvas, 62insx62ins

Dusk, ink on canvas, 62insx62ins

Broderie #1, ink on canvas, 62insx62ins

Broderie #2, ink on canvas, 62insx62ins

Karma, ink on canvas, 60insx60ins

Playtime, ink on canvas, 60insx60ins

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