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Archive 2: Jigsaw series (2002/3)

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Images in the jigsaw series of works
First six images printed on paper and laminated onto rigid plastic
Dimensions, 32ins x 42ins

.....................displacement, shift, sameness, synchronicity

Jigsaw_drawing and Technophobia: imagine putting the pieces together again - could you be sure that they were in the right place!

In Venetian Daylight and Venetian Nightlight twelve seperate handheld shots become synchronised as one moment in time via the jigsaw mechanism. Twelve handheld shots taken by day and twelve shots taken by night through venetian blinds, the handheld wobble over time is integrated as a single image on an arbitary basis

Band_of Gold_Versions #1 and #2, shift and fracture of a single moment via jigsaw mechanism. Three integrated shots of clasped hands in each case

These individual artworks are available for sale as 'one-offs'
Please email for price and availability or arranging a studio visit
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Jigsaw_drawing, printed on paper, 32insx42ins

Technophobia, printed on paper, 32insx42ins

Venetian_daylight, printed on paper, 32insx42ins

Venetian_nightlight, printed on paper, 32insx42ins

Band_of_Gold#1, printed on paper, 32insx42ins

Band_of_Gold#2, printed on paper, 32insx42ins

Self portrait x 3 shifts
Three locations and moments in space spliced
Dimensions: 66ins x 18ins each (life size)

Not for Sale

Self_portrait, paper on rigid plastic, 66insx18ins

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