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Archive 6: Recent work (2006)

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Works shown - Veil series - veiling and revealing

Ink is printed onto stretched canvas.
Individual works measure 39ins square

Angela Eames writes,
I use three-dimensional virtual meshing to build objects in virtual space, mapping information and material onto three-dimensional frameworks and then return them to a two-dimensional physical place......a canvas. My work flickers between the human and the digital realm focussing on the issue of veiling and unveiling, revealing the hidden ... or not.
The veil drawings explore the ambivalent nature of our experience of reality. Rigid wireframes become flowing or bulbous transcending the geometry of the real to create a shifting, ambiguous space in which recognisable objects assume an alternative persona placing the work between the material and the ethereal. Single meshes which utilise Islamic pattern appear to float across a canvas surface. The veils have the dimensions of a square metre, a prescribed unit of fabrication within the making industry be that a square metre of fabric in fashion or a square metre of steel plate in engineering.
The veil has significance in many world religions, as head-covering or as symbols of status or the covering of sacramental objects the common premise being not so much to obscure as to shield the most sacred things from the eyes of sinful men. My interest centres on the obscuring aspect of the veil; the veil as a membrane. This membrane inevitably has two viewing aspects; in front of or behind, revealed or hidden, seen or unseen and as a consequence the known or the unknown. The meshes have the inherent property of being able to float, they explore the ambivalent nature of our experience of reality. They comment on time past in relation to time present in order that there may be a time future. They reference natural form and order and our accountability as makers or manipulators within the world, reminding us that whilst we embrace new technology, we should also maintain the balance of nature.

The canvas versions are 'one-offs' with dimensions of 39"x39"
Please email for price and availability or arranging a studio visit
Limited edition, smaller scale prints measuring 30"x30", printed on handmade paper are also available for sale
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Pretty in pink, ink on canvas, 39insx39ins

Dune, ink on canvas, 39insx39ins

Shimmer, ink on canvas, 39insx39ins

Field, ink on canvas, 39insx39ins

Creme_caramel, ink on canvas, 39insx39ins

Billow, ink on canvas, 39insx39ins

Blush, ink on canvas, 39insx39ins

Arcadia, ink on canvas, 39insx39ins

Clearing, ink on canvas, 39insx39ins

Breaker, ink on canvas, 39insx39ins

Yellow press, ink on canvas, 39insx39ins

Indigo drift, ink on canvas, 39insx39ins

Peel, ink on canvas, 39insx39ins

Reveal, ink on canvas, 39insx39ins

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