wHOLE #1, Giclée print


Angela Eames, Fine Artist/Drawer...

Angela Eames is a practicing artist living and working in East Sussex. She shows her work both nationally and internationally.

" I am an artist/drawer whose practice has continuously involved the exploration of drawing in direct relation to technology, be that pixel or pencil. I produce both series and independent works and have exhibited continuously both nationally and abroad. Drawing for me, might be defined as what if? What if I could see differently? I am on the outside looking in, I can imagine the unseen but within the virtual environment I can see from the inside - out. I can move around, within a virtual space. The virtual camera becomes my eye. I can use the computer to do something, which it can do and I cannot, which I can propose and it can provide, which I cannot see - until I can…”

MIASMA #1 - Giclée print


wHOLE #1, Giclée print, 15" x 15", 2018


MIASMA #1, Giclée print, 24" x 24", 2020

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IN THE DARK III - BEING THERE, Composited online collaborative video work (Nicola Schauerman), incorporating among others 'Don't Let Go" by Angela Eames. Working drawing below.



Archival Giclée print, 24" x 24", 2020.