wHOLE #1, Giclée print


Angela Eames, Fine Artist/Drawer...

Angela Eames is a practicing artist living and working in East Sussex. She shows her work both nationally and internationally.

" I am an artist/drawer whose practice has continuously involved the exploration of drawing in direct relation to technology, be that pixel or pencil. I produce both series and independent works and have exhibited continuously both nationally and abroad. Drawing for me, might be defined as what if? What if I could see differently? I am on the outside looking in, I can imagine the unseen but within the virtual environment I can see from the inside - out. I can move around, within a virtual space. The virtual camera becomes my eye. I can use the computer to do something, which it can do and I cannot, which I can propose and it can provide, which I cannot see - until I can…”

MIASMA #1 - Giclée print


wHOLE #1, Giclée print, 15" x 15", 2018


MIASMA #1, Giclée print, 24" x 24", 2020

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Winner of THE ALPINE FELLOWSHIP VISUAL ARTS PRIZE International 2021 - a charitable foundation that supports, commissions and showcases artists, writers, academics and playwrights at all stages of their careers. They're committed to discovering emerging talent, to disseminating new ideas and to sharing thoughts about art, literature and philosophy. All of their work is built around a symposium - an annual gathering of artists, philosophers, writers and academics where they encourage like-minded individuals to share expertise and knowledge with those from a diverse array of creative and intellectual professions.



FLUX | MELTDOWN ...no time to spare / still from infinivid

Year: 2020

Type: Digital Video – Infinivid/Tandem

Media Format: Video, H.264, PAL, 2K, 3840p x 1920p, mp4, colour.

Duration: 5.30‘ loop