"Watch out for the bear behind you" (Front and back - 1992).




Angela Eames undertook her first Foundation in Art and Design at Johannesburg School of Art in South Africa then a second at Farnham School of Art. She studied Fine Art Painting at Bath Academy of Art in Corsham gaining a place to study Fine Art/Experimental place at the Slade School, London. Her work as both artist and teacher instigated a return to study in 1991, to complete a Masters in Computing in Art and Design at Middlesex University under the tutelage of John Lansdowne. As an artist whose practice has continuously involved the exploration of drawing in direct relation to technology, she received a Doctorate in Drawing at Wimbledon School of Art and the University of Surrey in 2000.

She produces both series and independent works and has exhibited continuously both nationally and abroad. The images on this website show her commitment to various themes that have run throughout a working life of some forty five years. She lives in East Sussex and continues to practice as an artist/drawer.

"Eames takes raw data from her ongoing drawings/photographs, the web and planetary science archives and processes it, creating new scapes. She builds, composites and optimises her images, to produce unfamiliar images or landscapes - images foreign to everyday human experience. Her work is best defined by its intense but delicate craftsmanship and by the transformation of commonplace image/object into works of art. Eames contradicts the generic and mass-produced with something essentially handmade, imbuing her images with an unanticipated sense of place; here and/or there, now and/or then, in front of and/or behind. Her work generates a dialogue between modernity and history, observation and fabrication, nature and urbanity and the relationship between process and idea."

Alejandro Ball

Video Link:

Angela Eames 'in conversation' with Myles Corley, Director of Linden Hall Studio Gallery during her one woman exhibition - S C A P E.


Angela Eames in front of Seascape, 2018

Exhibitions / Events include...

  • Winter Show at Linden Hall Studio, Deal, December 2021, forthcoming.

  • London Group Annuals, Cello Factory, London, 2011/12/13/15/16/19/21, Group Show.

  • Selected for Rome Independent Prisma Awards 2021 - Experimental films, FLUX | MELTDOWN ...not a moment to spare.

  • Selected for Festival Angaelika - MONOLITH | TOTEM ...under the yolk, 2021.

  • Wish You/We Were Here/There - IRL exhibition 'Wish You/We were Here/There'  - postcard exhibition curated by Sumi Perera for The London Group is at the Küefer Martis Huus in Liechtenstein, October, 2021.

  • Selected for London Rocks International Film Festival 2021 - Experimental films, FLUX | MELTDOWN ...not a moment to spare.

  • Selected for Still Voices International Film Festival 2021 - Experimental filmsFLUX | MELTDOWN ...not a moment to spare.

  • Selected for Hastings Rocks International Film Festival 2021 - Experimental filmsFLUX | MELTDOWN ...not a moment to spare.

  • Longlisted for the The Lumen Prize - Art and Technology - 2021.

  • Honourable mention Venice Intercultural Film Festival 2021 - Short films, FLUX | MELTDOWN ...not a moment to spare.

  • Selected for Walthamstow International Film Festival 2021 - Short films, MONOLITH | TOTEM ...under the yolk.

  • Winner of Alpine Fellowship Visual Art Prize 2021,  UNTAMED - On Wilderness and CivilisationFLUX | MELTDOWN ...not a moment to spare. 

  • Passe Partout Photo Prize (Online), Curated by Roberta Fuorvia, Rome, 2021.

  • Earth Patterns (Online), Curated by Shafiga Aghayeva, 2021.

  • In the Dark 3 - Being There at The Cello Factory, London (Online), 2021.

  • In Plain Sight: The London Group, Thelma Hulbert and her London Group Friends, Thelma Hulbert Gallery, Devon, 2021.

  • Wish You/We Were Here/There - Online postcard exhibition October 2020, January, 2021.

  • ​​Structured at Gallery 57, Arundel, 2020.

  • Winter Show at Linden Hall Studio, Deal, December 2020.

  • Southwark Park Galleries 36th Annual Open (Online), London, 2020. 

  • The London Group Annual, London, October, 2020.

  • Electric Artefacts + Lumen, Inaugural Exhibition, online gallery, 2020.

  • CADAF online - The Contemporary & Digital Art Fair, exhibiting prints within the Lumen Booth, June 2020.

  • Isolation, online exhibition during Lockdown, The London Group. Curated by Darren Nisbett, May 2020. 

  • Reflection Series - Linden Hall Studio, Deal, online exhibition during lockdown, April 2020

  • The Mass: SYSTEMATISED - online collection of discursive art, articles, opinions, prompts, thoughts, and questions, gathered in response to global issues. February 2020

  • In the Dark 2020 - Even Darker at The Cello Factory, London, January 2020

  • Winter Show at Linden Hall Studio, Deal, December 2019

  • Masterclass in Life Drawing, November 2019, Linden Hall Studio Gallery, St Georges St, Deal

  • The London Group Open at The Cello Factory, London, November 2019

  • Digital U Extreme Views Part 2, www.art-gene.co.uk online exhibition, 2019/2020

  • Marshwoods Arts Awards at the Bridport Arts Centre, (Finalist), November 2019

  • The Lumen Prize, Director's Showcase 2019, The Cello Factory, Waterloo, London. For more information please go to https://lumenprize.com/blog/

  • The Bermondsey Artist's Group at The Lake Gallery, London, October 2019.

  • RA Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy, London. June - August 2019.

  • Metamorphosis, Cello Factory, London. Curated by Paul Tecklenberg and Darren Nisbett as part of the Waterloo Festival. June 2019, Group Show. View catalogue here

  • Around the world in Eighty Days, Six Foot Gallery in collaboration with Orkid Studio, Glasgow. May 2019, Group Show.

  • Masterclass in Life Drawing, March 2019, Linden Hall Studio Gallery, St Georges St, Deal.

  • Drawing Distinctions (UK), Cello Factory, London. Curated by Clive Burton and Angela Eames. Spring 2019, Group Show.

  • In the Dark, Cello Factory, London, 2019, Group Show. Online until April 2019.

  • Winter Show at Linden Hall Studio, Deal, December 2018, Group Show.

  • The London Group at The Cello Factory, London, curated by Alex Ramsey, December 2018, Group Show.

  • The London Group at The Penwith Gallery, St Ives, Cornwall, September 2018, Group Show

  • Drawing Distinctions (USA), Furlong Gallery, Stout University, Wisconsin, Menomonie, USA, September 2018, Group Show

  • Coastal Currents, Morley Farm Barn Studio, September 2018, Three Person Show

  • S C A P E - Masterclass in Drawing, 13th August 2018, Linden Hall studio Gallery, St Georges St, Deal.

  • S C A P E - Linden Hall Studio Gallery, August 2018, St Georges St, Deal. Solo Show

  • Down from London, Linden Hall Studio Gallery, St Georges St, Deal, 2018. Group Show (Article: On Curating Down from London)

  • Coastal Currents Open Studio, Morley Farm Barn, 2017. Two Person Show.

  • The Mesh: An exhibition by The London Group at the Watermans Art Centre, Feb 2017.

  • Personal Relations, 2017, Travelling Exhibition.  (6th - 16th December 2016, London, at The Cello Factory, 33-34 Cornwall Road, London, SE1 8ST.)  (25th February - 29th March 2017, The Hague (The Nederlands) at Pulchri Studio.  (29th April - 4th June 2017, Vicenza (Italy), at Mirror Gallery)

  • London Group Opens, Cello Factory, London, 2011/12/13/15/16, Group Show.

  • Drawing - Art and Artefact, Morley Gallery, London, 2009, Group Show.

  • London Group Open - Menier Gallery, London, 2008, Group Show.

  • Daisyworld - installation at 1DEA5PAC7, London, 2008. Solo Show.

  • Surfacing - exhibition of large drawings on canvas, Total Arts Gallery, Dubai, 2008, Solo Show.

  • Building the Dream, Huf Haus, Etchingham, East Sussex, works for a house, 2008. Solo Show.

  • London Group, Deutsche Bank, London, 2008. Group Show.

  • London Group Open, Menier Gallery, London, 2007. Group Show.

  • Here and Elsewhere - Camberwell College of Art, 2007. Group Show.

  • Sovereign European Art Prize, selected exhibitor, London, 2007, Group Show.

  • Cubobianco - Glasgow School of Art, 2004, Group Show.

  • In and thro’ or somewhere thereabouts, Morley Gallery, London, 2004. Two Person Show.

  • Collaboration with LABAN Dance Centre, Dance piece - Tamasa.  Choreographed by Angela Woodhouse.  Dance performance held in exhibition space of Eames new digital works, dancers -15, audience-15, and silence, 2004. Solo Show

  • Drawing through Process - 2003, Travelling exhibition; Kingston University, Loughborough University, Loughborough, Birmingham Art Gallery, Birmingham, Chapel Gallery, St Helens, Hot Bath Gallery, Bath, Clifford Fisher Gallery and Exeter, Group Shows.

  • Joining the Dots. Davies Street Gallery, London Institute. Exhibitor and Curator of the exhibition, 2001, Launch of Seeing Drawing DVD - opened by Lord David Putnam, Group Show.

  • Realising Through Drawing, Doctoral Exhibition, Camberwell College of Art, London, 2001, Solo Show.

  • Stormclouds - Contemporising Ruskin, Davies Street Gallery, London, 2000 - Exhibitor and curator. Group Show.

  • Flowers Central Gallery, London, 1995. Group Show.

  • Women Light Up the Night, Berlin, Germany, 1994. Sponsored by the Kulturamt Mitte, Group Show.

  • Small is Beautiful, Flowers East Gallery, London, 1983, 1990, 1992, 1994 and 1996. Group Shows.

  • What after? Centenary Gallery, Camberwell College of Arts, 1994, London. Group show.

  • Print Triennial ’94, Cracow, Poland, Group Show.

  • PLAYallDAY + DRAWin Event, Dilston Grove, 24 Hours Duration - London, 1994.

  • Kunstbrucke 2, Galerie Parterre, Prenzlaur Berg, East Berlin, Germany, 1993, Three Person Show. Selected by Sacha Craddock and Darrell Viner.

  • With No Opinion, Lanchester Gallery, Coventry University, Coventry, 1993, sponsored by Midlands Arts. Solo Show,

  • With No Opinion, Café Gallery, London, 1993. Sponsored by Greater London Arts, Southwark, Leisure and Commodore Business Machines, Pennsylvania. Solo Show.

  • With No Opinion, St. James’s Gallery, London, 1993. Sponsored by Greater London Arts and Southwark Leisure and Commodore Business Machines, Pennsylvania. Solo Show.

  • The London Group - invited exhibitors, selected by individual members, The Barbican, London, 1992, Group Show.

  • The London Group - invited exhibitors, selected by individual members, Morley Gallery, London, 1992, Group Show.

  • Reflections, Small Mansion Arts Centre, London, 1992. Two Person Show.

  • Artist of the Day, Angela Flowers Gallery, London, 1984. Solo Show.

  • Lightbulb installation, Pegasus Gallery, Berlin, Germany, 1981. Two Person Show.

  • Waterloo Gallery, London, 1980. Four Person Show.

  • The Importance of Drawing, James Hockey Gallery, Farnham, 1978. Group show.

Awards / Residencies...

  • The Alpine Fellowship Visual Art Prize - 2021.

  • British Council Award 2008, for solo exhibition Surfacing in Dubai.

  • UAL College Research Award 2004, for Pixelraiders conference, Sheffield Hallam University.

  • PhD by Creative Practice 2001, at Wimbledon School of Art (in association with Surrey University) 2001. Thesis - Extending drawing: a creative enquiry into innovatory approaches to drawing as visual thinking and the realisation of material and virtual outcomes.

  • Artist in Residence 2003, Montmiral School of Painting, Gaillac, France.

  • College Research Award 1999, for CADE ‘99, Middlesbrough and Drawing Across Boundaries, Loughborough University.

  • British Council Award 1998, for Kunstbrucke 2, (Three Person exhibition selected by Sacha Craddock and Darrell Viner), East Berlin, Germany.

  • Wolverhampton University Research Award 1995, PhD research, Wimbledon School of Art and Surrey University.

  • Greater London Arts, 1993, for With No Opinion, Café Gallery and St James’ Gallery, London.

  • Masters in Computing in Art and Design awarded 1992, CASCAAD, Middlesex University.

  • Ray Finnis Foundation Award 1992, for research work undertaken at CASCAAD, Middlesex University.

  • Commodore Business Machines 1992, USA, Vermont Studio Centre Scholarship and Chelsea College of Art Grant for Vermont Studio Centre Residency.

  • Artist in Residence, 1992, Vermont Studio Centre, Vermont, USA.

  • A.G.B.I. Award 1983.

  • British Council Award, 1981, for Lightbulb, Berlin, Germany.

  • Greater London Arts, 1980, for Waterloo Gallery, London.